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Post by Muscle Mass Brothers Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:58 pm

Muscle Mass Brothers would like to remind you about the conception of this forum. This forum is about helping, teaching, and exchanging views and experience between each others in friendly atmosphere to make this forum better than the others. Somebody who is just beginning sport adventure should feel free to ask any questions without fear of been laughed or discriminated.

Muscle Mass Brothers forum exist to exchange views, enrich your knowledge, and mutual correction of mistakes in a friendly atmosphere which will attract others to join our community instead of repelling others. Exchanging views should not be a fighting pit. If someone will ask "stupid" question you can always reply with manners. Remember there are no STUPID questions! Everyone was a beginner at some time.

Knowledge is important but you have to know how to share it with others in friendly manner. Sometimes criticism might persuade one to thinking, however it may discourage many more. Remember to share your knowledge in a friendly way so everyone can benefit from it.

If someone will ask a question like "I just started training, what supplements should I take?" don't reply: "Better invest in food rather than taking supplements" - this is a good answer but is not friendly either helpful. Helpful answer will be when you explain why that person should not invest money in supplements before having proper diet. Remember we were all beginners at some point...

People with knowledge, experience, desire to help, friendly attitude will be promoted.

This are the regulations to which every person has to agree when using this forum:

1. Forum is also a community so behave like in one you wish to be. Don't laugh, insult other members. Show respect to each other!
2. Show your good manners, don't use vulgarism.
3. Try to compose clear and precise questions - those kind of questions are much easier to answer.
4. Forum is not a advertising space so don't advertise any services unless you are permitted to. All kind of advertisements will be deleted and your account will be banned.
5. Admins and moderators are able to correct or delete post if they think it is required. If you think their actions were wrongful or not understandable feel free to ask for explanation.
6. In case of copying any articles from external sources please include author and the source.
7. Please do not SPAM.
8. Members who fail to follow forum regulations might be permanently banned from forum.
Muscle Mass Brothers
Muscle Mass Brothers
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